StencylWorks 1.2 – It’s here!

StencylWorks 1.2 is here!

Pick it up via the in-app updater. We’ll provide the 1.2 installers this weekend.

New to StencylWorks? Grab the installer, and you’ll be prompted to update after booting up the software and signing in.

New and Noteworthy

7 New Transitions [DEMO]
Check the demo out to see for yourself!

Mochi Ads and Scores [DEMO]
Monetize your Flash games and add high score functionality to them.

Game Pausing [DEMO / GUIDE]
We’ve added a simple way to pause games while leaving you with a lot of creative control over what happens.

Lightweight Actors [DEMO]
Bump up performance with lightweight actors, actors that have no physics. Perfect for props, puzzle games and other instances where physics do not apply.

Add Libraries & Arbitrary Code
You can now import Flash libraries into your projects as well as create arbitrary classes (that are not behaviors).


Improved Collision Bounds Editing
Drag and drop polygon points, zoom in/out

Improved Scene Designer
Scalable actors, actor search, keyboard control of palette

Parallax Scrolling [DEMO]
Make repeated backgrounds scroll in parallax. Good for “endless” games.

Lots of bug fixes and other enhancements…

What’s Next? StencylWorks 2.0 and iStencyl

StencylWorks 2.0 is the next release coming up. As its name suggests, it’s a big one, but we’d like to release it in December. We’ll share details about this exciting release in parts over the next couple weeks.

Starting with StencylWorks 2.0, I’m personally going to be putting my focus back into StencylWorks to make it the best it can be. Part of the reason why releases have come slower than I personally would have liked is because 90% of my time went to iStencyl development and support. With iStencyl nearing release, StencylWorks will be my main focus.

Under my watch, releases will be swifter and more focused. Smaller releases will arrive in the course of weeks, rather than a month or two. Instead of spreading out the improvements – we’ll make one area fantastically better before moving on to the next area.

Our overall goal is to make StencylWorks significantly more appealing to skilled creators all while not compromising the ease of use and approachability we’re known for. Our documentation will also get a complete redo. More on both of these in a future post.

iStencyl – Coming (very) soon

iStencyl will be launching within a few weeks. The beta’s gone tremendously well, and as of today, 4 Stencyl games have been approved for the App Store with many more in the pipeline. Demand for our beta has been so high that I ceased letting new users in earlier this month because I wouldn’t be able to support them.

When we’re ready to announce a date, we’ll also reveal the price of iStencyl. Based on what our testers have told us and what’s out there, I think that many will be pleased with the price we’ve set.


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