Stencyl adopts the Haxe programming language

Stencyl has proudly adopted Haxe as its official programming language.

Haxe is an ActionScript/JavaScript-like language that exports to multiple platforms thanks to its ability to be translated into different languages, including Flash, JavaScript, C++, Java and C#.

Thanks to this versatility, we now have the ability to output native, high-performance apps from a single codebase, as originally promised.

Stencyl outputs to iOS, Android, Flash, Windows, Mac, Linux

Stencyl outputs to iOS, Android, Flash, Windows, Mac, Linux

NME is Flash for Haxe

On top of Haxe, we’re making extensive use of NME, a remake of the Flash API using Haxe. (Edit: Since the original post, NME has evolved into OpenFL)

With so many other libraries and technologies trying to mimic the Flash API (due to its ease of use), it was a natural choice to adopt. You’ve got the familiarity of the Flash API and the flexibility of publishing that Flash-like app as a native app on each platform.

It’s a win-win for everybody.

I don’t code. Why should I care?

  • Stencyl is now unified behind 1 engine. Updates and fixes will come much faster than before. Today, we’re pushing updates multiple-times per day to our customers.
  • Your apps will act the same across all targets.
  • Your apps will run quickly because they’re native.

I’m a programmer. Why should I care?

  • One language to rule them all. Code Mode behaviors work everywhere. Extensions work everywhere. We now have a strong base language to support and build better tools around.
  • Haxe is very similar to ActionScript and JavaScript. It will feel familiar.
  • You can write native extensions to access device-specific functionality. We’ve used native extensions to deliver vastly improved support for Ads, Purchases, Social Game APIs and other mobile-specific functionality.

We evaluated many different technologies, but we kept coming back to Haxe, for its combination of versatility and performance. We hope that you’ll find the same.

Next: iOS and 3.0

Next, I’ll be going into depth about our much-improved support for iOS in 3.0. Have a great weekend!



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