Stencyl 3.0 – Design Once. Play Anywhere.

With Stencyl 2.1 now out in the wild, we’re turning our attention back to something big.

Stencyl 3.0 – Design Once. Play Anywhere.

With Stencyl 3.0, we’ll be bringing Stencyl to the major remaining platform: Android.

Stencyl goes to Android & HTML5

In order to do that, we have to make some changes to our technology stack. Up until now, we’ve maintained separate engines for our Flash and iOS exporters, something that has been a challenge for us to keep up with.

One Engine to Rule Them All

With 3.0, we’re unifying Stencyl under a single engine and language that exports native apps to Flash, iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux.

To do this, we take the “master” code and translate it over to the target device’s native language. Extensions preserve the ability to add in platform-specific features such as Game Center, Purchases and Ads.

At the end of the day, we want you to choose Stencyl because it lets you finish your games in less time and spend your time finding the fun, not worrying about the technology. Stencyl 3.0 will make that happen.

When will Stencyl 3.0 arrive?

Work is well underway, and as of today, I’ve already ported the majority of the engine over.

Will there be a Stencyl 2.2?

Yep! I’ll talk about it next.


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